Thursday, July 12, 2007

NYTimes Style Tag Cloud

I love tag clouds. Look at this one, which you'll find next to Cathy Horyn's blog today on

The best thing about tag clouds in my opinion is that they summarize what people are talking about in the (fashion) world today, a glimpse of what's hot and what's merely simmering. As I understand, the bigger the word, the more popular it is.

Tangentially, Cathy Horyn is a pretty good fashion writer, not always compelling but certainly with an encyclopedic knowledge of the industry. As Ali G would say, Respeck.

As a blogger she is kinda weak, but that's understandable I suppose, give that her primary occupation is writing copy on tight deadlines for the Times.

She has even narrated slideshows for the web in the past. She has this unintentionally hilariously droll, deep-pitched voice.

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